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Small companies want Conservative government – Clear Books poll

By CreditMan Monday, April 27, 2015

A poll conducted by online accounting company, Clear Books, among its small business customers has found that more than half of business owners and managers responding will be voting for a Conservative led government on the 7th of May.

58% of small businesses surveyed said they believed the Conservative party best represented the interests of small companies in the UK, followed by the Liberal Democrats (10%), Labour and The Green Party (both 6%), and UKIP (5%).

Of the issues that small businesses are most concerned about, the economy tops the list (27%), followed by taxation (17%) and EU membership (17%), finding qualified staff (8%), maximum wage (6%), business rates (5%), funding for small companies (5%) and technology investment (4%).

Lizzie Fouracre, Chief Operating Officer of Clear Books, said: “Initially we were surprised at how far ahead the Conservatives are in terms of them being the preferred option out of all of the political parties, but today there was a letter published by The Daily Telegraph, signed by 5,000 small businesses calling for the Conservatives to be ‘given the chance to finish what they started’.

“The general polls show a more even race between the political parties, with the Conservatives and Labour currently neck and neck, but if it were down to the small companies of Britain to vote in the next government, our survey suggests an outright Tory win!”

Clear Books serves more than 10,000 small businesses in the UK.

Further details can be found at: Clear Books election survey