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SmartView from Euler Hermes gives Bridge Recruitment confidence to grow

By CreditMan Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bridge Recruitment is already seeing the benefits of increased visibility over its customer portfolio six months after implementing SmartView.

Bridge Recruitment is a major, UK-wide supplier of professional and personal labour for the construction industry. Its customer portfolio ranges from multi-national companies to small family businesses.

Daryl Booth, credit control manager for Bridge Recruitment, said: “SmartView gives us the confidence to grow our business – it helps us to paint a picture of each new client we take on and then allows us to keep track of their credit worthiness and react accordingly.”

SmartView allows Bridge Recruitment to perform a number of key credit management functions, such as analysing acceptance rates and monitoring customer risk profiles, all within one main dashboard.

It also helps users to identify changes in their customers’ credit worthiness by highlighting any movement in their performance grade. This grade is a number allocated to them by Euler Hermes based on an analysis of their financial well-being.

Daryl continued, “We track customers’ performance grades so that we can flag any changes to the sales team. The platform helps us monitor who is paying their invoices on time and pick up on any early warning signs. It also allows us to review our top customer exposures and break down total exposure by market, sector and even customer group.

“We’re definitely getting everything that we had hoped for out of SmartView, and are now working on developing our use of the functionalities to experience even more benefits.”

Rachel Nardi, major account manager for Euler Hermes, said: “Our purpose in designing SmartView was to give customers the direct knowledge they needed to make informed business decisions and maximise on safe opportunities. The easily navigable dashboard presents this information clearly and allows customers to drill down further into the acceptance rate of their limits by grade, trade sector or requested amount, and compare different time periods.

“Decisions such as whether to increase margins because customers are high risk, reduce terms of payment or drive growth in positive sectors are now made easier, conversations with customers and business colleagues can now become even more productive.”

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Source - Euler Hermes