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SME Invoice Finance responds to business cashflow concerns by launching 'Guerrilla Guide'

By CreditMan Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spurred by its own independent survey, SME Invoice Finance Limited is advising firms to explore wider options to create positive cash flow in their businesses, as bank lending continues to be a major issue.

To help businesses grasp the situation, SME Invoice Finance has commissioned a free, no-nonsense guide; 'The Guerrilla Guide to Finding Working Capital', produced in partnership with Professor Nick Wilson of the University of Leeds and leading credit management advice site, [ ]. The guide leaves no stone unturned in assisting business owners in understanding all the options they have and to make informed choices about how they can improve cash flow within their business.

A survey conducted by SME Invoice Finance amongst professional advisers during the summer cited that 80% saw lack of lending as their biggest issue. In addition, a colossal 95% said that their clients had been refused overdraft facilities or had them withdrawn over the last 12 months.

Awareness of other funding options among small to medium sized businesses is low; 66% of advisers described clients' understanding as 'poor'. Before reaching for the overdraft, there are a range of alternatives to explore, including:

1. managing the credit offered to customers and collecting debts more effectively with a few simple changes

2. working on finding savings on non-essentials in the business, building close ties with suppliers, buying more effectively and exploring different ways of working without compromising on quality or service

3. researching the many different shapes and sizes of finance available that may not have been explored previously.

John Wilde, Sales & Marketing Director of SME Invoice Finance commented:

"Most commentators agree that lack of access to cash is one of the key issues faced by small businesses today and this is reflected within our own survey. We hope that this informative guide produced in partnership with Professor Wilson will help small business owners explore all the alternatives available to them. Rather than continuing to rely on traditional finance sources which can prove restrictive, we would urge business owners to follow their entrepreneurial instincts to look for additional ways to fund growth."

John Wilde added:

"The lending landscape continues to evolve and small businesses that form the lifeblood of the economy should no longer have to struggle without access to adequate capital. By taking a good hard look at the financial options available and adopting a proactive approach to finding credible working capital solutions, businesses can become better equipped to ride the economic rollercoaster."

For a free copy of the 'Guerilla Guide to Finding Working Capital' simply click on to

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