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STA Graydon restores its independence

By CreditMan Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Award winning debt collection agency STA International Limited has acquired Graydon’s minority shareholding in its business and changed its trading name from STA Graydon to STA International.

STA International is part of the STA Group established in New York in 1955. Until late 2000, the whole group was under Tulchin family and management ownership. In late 2000, the group’s UK subsidiary, STA International Limited, merged its business with the debt collection division of Graydon UK who, in exchange, received a minority shareholding in the new entity that then traded as STA Graydon.

Now, having acquired the Graydon shares, the UK business is once again in family and management ownership and returns to its original trading style of STA International. Managing Director Colin Thomas FICM explains: “Our partnership with Graydon in 2000 meant immediate growth for our business and for that we will always be grateful. Now that we’ve acquired their shares and restored our independence, we reinstate the group’s long-held philosophy that sees strategy and planning in the hands of local management. We fully intend to pursue this ethos with growth via acquisition and organic means.”