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STA International joins a panel of DCA’s at

By CreditMan Tuesday, March 27, 2012 is happy to announce that STA International has joined its growing panel of DCA’s. STA International is part of the leading debt collection and receivables management company, STA Inc. Since January 2012, STA in the UK has adopted the trading name STA International, and this follows its purchase of the shares from its minority shareholder, Graydon. This ended a period of 11 years when the business traded as ‘STA Graydon,’ and restores the independence of the STA Group.

STA International said that “Collecting overdue accounts is our lifeblood. But, it’s no longer enough for a debt collection agency to simply collect the money that is due to you. We must also balance the speed of our debt collection with a duty-of-care that protects your reputation, educates your customer to respect your credit terms, and makes your customer aware that protracted default will harm their credit rating”

They offer, in addition to collecting your money, you should also expect:
• recovery of late payment charges
• complete transparency of progress via the web
• prompt BACS remittance of collected funds
• minimal need for legal recovery
• charges based on the principle that no collection means no commission

If you expect your collection agency to provide all of these, then STA International could well be the debt collection agency for you. On receipt of your commercial accounts, they’ll add contractual or statutory interest and compensation before checking the solvency and liquidity of your debtor. Having assessed their ability to pay, they will swing straight into action with their telephone negotiations.

Then, they will overcome your debtor’s objections, remove frivolous disputes, seek admission of your debt and secure payment. Finally, then they will have the collected funds cleared and remitted to you promptly by BACS. However, if they are unable to reach a settlement, they won’t recommend legal action until they regard pre-legal payment to be improbable.

When it comes to choosing a cash collection expert as your credit control partner, STA respect the fact that you have very many rivals to choose from. So, why choose them?

STA say “we’ve been collecting our clients’ overdue accounts for more than 50 years, and in that time we’ve met this challenge despite boom-and-bust economies, as well as truly remarkable technical changes too. But, throughout all of these years, we’ve always understood that we’re only as good as the last overdue account we successfully collected. We are proud of the client loyalty that we enjoy, but we never take it for granted…….. We strive to retain this loyalty….”