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The attraction of NEXUM collection software to drive down the costs of managing outstanding payments proves compelling for Pegasus International.

By CreditMan Friday, November 7, 2008

London, 7th November 2008 - The attraction of NEXUM collection software to drive down the costs of managing outstanding payments proves compelling to a broad range of new customers including Booker Management Services, DC Debt Recovery, Corporate & Legal and our latest contract Pegasus International.

The claim that NEXUM Collections Software is the UK’s leading solution for managing consumer and commercial accounts in arrears has been further supported by the number of new contracts since June 2008. NEXUM is owned by Bware Legal Solutions Limited, a company solely specialising in debt and arrears management software. “Because we are a UK company, owned by the directors and employee’s, solely specialising in debt and arrears management software for the UK market we have ensured that our product, NEXUM, offers a level of functionality and benefits unrivalled by any other provider.” Commented Jim Stanley, Managing Director, Bware Legal Solutions.

NEXUM offers corporate customers a solution to drive down the cost of recovering outstanding payments, ensure compliance to statutory requirements and delivery the organisation with an exceptional level of management information. NEXUM is currently installed within a number of corporate organisations including Brandon Hire PLC, Travis Perkins and Wolseley PLC. In recent months NEXUM was selected by South East Water. “Corporate organisations have a number of factors to consider, firstly they need to manage the customer, understand any issues and provide support where necessary. Secondly they need to identify risk and take action to protect share holder value; thirdly they need to ensure that they comply with legislation. NEXUM delivers enormous value to all three areas.” added Stanley.

The Consumer Credit Act 2006 and the way it impacts on debt collection agencies has also been absorbed by NEXUM, as Jim Stanley explains “NEXUM was originally designed as a receivables management and legal debt recovery system, this sound structure has helped us develop functionality enabling businesses to follow procedures stipulated by legislation and governing bodies. The most recent example being the Consumer Credit Act 2006. About half our customers manage consumer debt, some have considerable volume in excess of 500,000 accounts, and failure to comply with the Act attracts stiff penalties. With NEXUM you are compliant”.

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