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The European Credit & Finance Conference, May 8th, San Gorg, Malta

By CreditMan Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The European Credit & Finanace Conference (ECFC) announces its selection of the Corinthian San Gorg in Malta as its inaugural venue. To be held May 6th through May 8th, ECFC will be the first industry conference to address the credit, risk and financial departments of manufacturers, distributors, software publishers, retailers, e-tailers and financial service providers in the computer, communications and consumer electronics/ home automation industries. In attendance will be some of Europe’s top professionals in their roles as CFO, Credit & Collection Manager, Chief Credit Officer, EMEA Finance Director, European Financial Analysis Manager, Controller, Accounts Receivable Manager, SMB Credit & Collections Manager, and more. With confirmed attendance from more than fifty Tier 1 companies , ECFC will address the rising issues of:

* Tightening Credit
* Fluctuations in Global Currencies
* Introduction of New Players from New Places
* The Increasing Size of Deals
* The Increased Size of our Customers
* Growing Use of Web Commerce
* New Contactless Cash or e-Cash
* Need for Financial and Credit Info
* The Additional Complexity of World of IT & Communications

While many industry events tackle fund raising or the wedding of venture capitalists to start-ups, ECFC focuses solely on the issues of managing credit and finance for existing concerns. Along with keynote addresses from the industry and academia, workshops will be provided in two main tracks: Stream One for Practical & Tactical and Stream Two for Making Business Happen. The full agenda can be viewed on the web site ( and workshop topics include:

* Simply The Best, Best-in-Class
* Keeping the Scorecards
* How Good is Our Credit Information?
* Eating Our Own Dinner: Tech Solutions
* How High are High Risk Accounts?
* Why Southern Europe is No Vacation
Our Back Yard: Country & Political Risk
* Barney Rubble & the Credit Insurance Markets
* If Outsourcing is an Answer, What's the Question?
* E-cash, E-commerce & E-volution
* Get Me to the Desk on Time! Electronic Delivery
* What's the Bank Got to Do with It?
* When the Acquisition Makes More than Cents

Special attention this year will be given to the emerging issues of Web Commerce. The transition to the digital economy creates new ways customers in each part of the distribution channel can pay, inspires alternatives to credit cards, and promotes the development of mobile cash. Conducting safe, secure & user-friendly e-commerce is one of today’s main financial and credit concerns. Sponsors to-date include the European Credit Forum, P&A Receivables Services PLC, Malta Enterprise,, The Distribution Channel Ltd, and the International Technology Channels Association.

For more information, please go to the web site: site Dates: May 6-8th, 2008
Venue: Corinthian San Gorg, Malta