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The Portfolio Analysis - Debt Collection Agencies is a comprehensive evaluation of the UK market

By CreditMan Friday, August 29, 2008

The Portfolio Analysis - Debt Collection Agencies is a comprehensive evaluation of the UK market. The revised and updated 2007 edition analyses the financial performance of the companies important to the success of your business.

Using the most up to date information available, the analysis is ideal both as a tool to benchmark your own companys results and to study the market in more depth. Aimed at the busy manager, the Portfolio Analysis is both quick and easy to use thanks to the unique visual layout.

The Analysis lays bare the performance of each company highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. Do you know which companies are best to do business with? Do you know which companies are selling at a loss and whose profit margins are plummeting? Find out the answers to all these questions and more with the newly published Portfolio Analysis.

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The report is divided into two colour-coded sections for your ease of use, Sector Analysis and Individual Company Analysis.

Sector Analysis: Sales growth, market share and profitability are all analysed over a 10 year period giving you the fullest picture possible of the health of the market. Companies are ranked on these categories so you can see which companies are outshining the rest. Use the industry average tables to benchmark your own companys performance- how do you compare to the rest of the industry?

The performance of the Top 75 companies has to be taken in context with the rest of the industry. Included in this section are:

Industry Averages Ranking Analysis
Sector Analysis Mover's Analysis - Sales Mover's Analysis - Profit Regional Analysis Competitors Strategy Index Financial Rating

Industry Analysis: Each company receives a full page of analysis, evaluating their financial performance over the last five years so you get a full picture of the long term prospects of each company. Each company page of analysis is also packed with the following information:
Full business name and address,
Names and ages of directors,
contact details and website address,
seven unique charts showing at a glance the performance of each company, averages for the industry are also shown indicating the bare minimum each company should be looking to achieve, and five years of the latest accounts available