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The Sheriffs Office wins “Enforcement Team of The Year” award at the CICM British Credit Awards 2015

By CreditMan Thursday, February 12, 2015

On 11th February 2015 at the Chartered Institute of Credit Management British Credit Awards 2015, The Sheriffs Office overcame strong competition to win the Enforcement Team of The Year award.

The award is made in recognition of The Sheriffs Office’s long standing commitment to raising awareness of High Court enforcement amongst creditors through extensive and accessible material on its website, including over 400 articles, videos and eBooks, and also for the BBC show “The Sheriffs Are Coming”.

The programme follows enforcement agents from The Sheriffs Office as they enforce judgments on behalf of business and individual creditors. It has done a great deal to counter the negative stereotypes of the bailiff industry and clearly demonstrates that creditors are also victims of bad debt.

The programme is undoubtedly a significant contributory factor to the 8.4% increase in High Court writs in 2013. The Sheriffs Office also showed the greatest growth in the number of writs during 2013, with 38% year-on-year growth, which is at least double that of the other large enforcement firms.

The show has been very popular: there have been three daytime and two primetime series to date and it has been watched by almost 30 million, 51.9% of the viewing public. The programme won the Best Daytime Programme award at the Broadcast Awards 2014, and was shortlisted a second time in the 2015 awards. It was also nominated in the Daytime category in the National Television Awards in 2014 and 2015.

David Carter, CEO of The Sheriffs Office comments:

“This is a great honour to be named Enforcement Team of the Year which I accept on behalf of every member of the team, both in the office and on the road. Their commitment and the trust of our clients have allowed us to grow and extend the services we offer creditors around the country. I would also like to congratulate the CICM on achieving chartered status.”