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Tinubu Square Whitepaper on Credit Risk Trends and challenges now available for download

By CreditMan Friday, October 3, 2014

Tinubu Square, the trusted source of credit risk solutions for trade credit insurers and businesses, is today making available its new, detailed whitepaper, which looks at the trends and challenges of credit risk management and how new technology is contributing to the deployment of best practices.

The whitepaper, which can be downloaded from: provides key figures and trends in the credit risk market over the last 12 months; looks at the relevance of establishing a smart risk culture; delivers an overview of best practices and discusses the benefits of using technology, in particular cloud solutions. The paper also includes new research highlighting some of the key statistics and the outlook moving forward.

The whitepaper is free to download and will be an essential guide for Finance Directors and Credit Managers as they negotiate the new economic landscape.

About Tinubu Square
Tinubu Square’s mission is to give our clients better control, visibility & management of their trade credit risk. Tinubu Square’s Risk Management Center (RMC), a cloud-based SaaS platform is a ledger management & credit insurance policy management tool which can eliminate fragmented credit management systems. This allows our customers to gain a consolidated view of risk per business unit or group wide. As an addition to our software offering, we are able to supply our Credit Risk Intelligence reporting and Risk Analyst advisory services. This gives companies the true picture of their customers’ financial health across their enterprise, from sales and marketing through the entire order-to-cash cycle. As a result, you can manage your customer credit exposure at local and international levels, improve cash flow, secure the value of receivables as an asset on your balance sheet and strengthen your financial position for short-term bank credit.