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Tracehunter comment on - The Guardian ‘Breadline Britain’

By CreditMan Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A recent investigative piece in the Guardian which ran over last week, titled ‘Breadline Britain’, investigated and analysed UK population data with regards to spending power. It shows that not only 5.5million working aged adults live in relative poverty, but nearly a 1/3rd of the working aged population are struggling even though in most cases they are in work. This figure is potentially higher, with a poll on the Guardian website asking the question, ‘Do you feel on the brink of financial disaster?’ and 55% of respondents believing they are. The simple fact is that living standards are falling as disposable incomes fall.

“Almost seven million working-age adults are living in extreme financial stress, one small push from penury” (The Guardian, 2012)

With £18billion in welfare cuts still coming in to force it is likely that times are going to get tougher in the months to come. The facts speak for themselves, 2011 saw the sharpest fall in middle incomes since 1981 (The Institute for Fiscal Studies). Conversely this is not a recent phenomenon the decline has been over a longer period of time. Wages have been flat since 2003 and since the 2nd quarter of 2008 inflation has out stripped wage rises, therefore meaning income levels have been falling.

The other issue is “a move into work no longer means a move out of poverty” (The Guardian, 2012), long gone are the days when a job would guarantee a particular standard of living. The risk of falling in to poverty in the UK is actually 1% higher than the European average, with many being in a situation where just one bill will tip them over the edge even while working.

With this economic backdrop and such volumes of UK residents struggling is it any wonder that some DCA’s are finding it tough? The question must be raised what is to be done about it? This bleak economic picture does not seem to show any signs of improving, therefore, it is important to make the most of the resources that there are available. tracehunter have taken this research on board and are currently in the process of investigating ways of using geodemographic data to help to better tailor the trace process.

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