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tracehunter – Release Free Trace Productivity Report

By CreditMan Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trace management software developers, tracehunter, have compiled a free report looking at the issue of productivity within the debtor trace process. The paper deals with the key issues faced by the debtor trace industry at present and with some trace departments and firms being 6 times more productive than others it makes for interesting reading.

tracehunter’s productivity report is available through the link on their monthly news bulletin or by emailing for a PDF copy, alternatively you can ring on 0161 713 2213.

tracehunters report identifies some of the main issues that a trace firm or department needs to take into consideration when looking at both the issues of productivity and compliance. These two issues must go hand in hand, as there is no point increasing productivity if you do not do it in a compliant manner.

In particular, the tracehunter report on trace productivity outlines how trace departments and firms can increase their case closure rates per agent as well as maximising the usefulness of data and resources available in a cost effective manner. By harnessing the power of the tools available it is possible to drastically increase volumes without any increase in head count.

Paul Coxson CEO of Focus Software Systems explains “through seamless integration of all your trace in to one simple to use function, it is possible to automate large amounts of trace, thereby allowing more time to be spent on the more complex trace cases. Some users we currently work with now send all of their collections cases through trace, to validate addresses and prevent unnecessary time being wasted through collection agents having poor contact data.”

If you would like more information about tracehunter please call Tim Hayes on 0161 713 2213 or e-mail