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Tracesmart Expands Mortality Screening Data

By CreditMan Friday, February 12, 2010

Death Data Enhanced to Combat Fraud

The requirement for good quality, regularly updated data is crucial for the business community and none more so than when companies and organisations need to protect themselves from fraud. Impersonation of the deceased (IOD) fraud is a growing concern and industries continuously look for the best options to safeguard themselves and their consumers against the perpetrators.

Tracesmart Corporate, a leading consumer data specialist, is one of the few companies able to deliver an authoritative solution to protect organisations from IOD fraud and deception, offering a powerful mortality screening service which, through screening their customer databases, allows companies to identify deceased individuals. This process can save a diverse array of businesses – from pension providers to credit card companies – millions of pounds per year.

To further strengthen the scope of its data and services, Tracesmart has uploaded UK Death Index records from 1976 – 1979 into their mortality screening database. This data release is part of a larger project which will see Tracesmart digitise Death Index records held on microfiche spanning 1960 – 1983, and is the latest tranche of data to be uploaded subsequent to the digitisation and integration of 1980 – 1983 death data in June of last year.

In addition to assisting anti-fraud measures, the historical mortality data will also enhance Tracesmart’s data cleansing, anti-money laundering and tracing solutions. Historical mortality information is also employed within Tracesmart’s asset reunification services and dormant account tracing; it helps tracers to confirm an individual is deceased and can also provide a lead to help locate the next of kin or executors of the deceased’s estate.

Tracesmart’s Managing Director, Mike Trezise, commented, "As part of our commitment to providing the best possible service, we need to utilise as much relevant data as possible; the greater the scope of information, the greater the results. The digitisation of this crucial information can only improve our mortality screening, identity verification and tracing portfolio; providing a further improved service to our client base. We have worked hard to build up an industry-leading database, which is unique to Tracesmart and outperforms the competition.”