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Tracesmart launch 2011 Electoral Roll data

By CreditMan Thursday, February 10, 2011

Leading consumer data specialists Tracesmart, are pleased to provide their clients with access to an increased number of consumer records, thanks to the recent inclusion of 2011 Electoral Roll data into their database. As the most accurate snapshot of the UK population, the full Electoral Roll and the edited Electoral Roll are key datasets utilised by a range of Tracesmart’s products, helping to ensure their clients have access to the most up-to-date information available.

Founded in 1999 by a leading tracing specialist, Mike Trezise, Tracesmart provide online B2B solutions which help organisations to trace people and information, find lost account holders, conduct employee background checks and confirm an individual’s identity. The data provided by the Electoral Roll is integral to many of these products.

Paul Weathersby, Technical Director at Tracesmart, commented on the importance of providing clients with the latest records: “We strive to deliver customer-centric solutions, and continually work to extend the wealth of information that is available. Our clients rely on accurate and extensive information, so it’s imperative that we’re able to offer the most recent and accurate consumer data at the earliest possible time.

Making new Electoral Roll data available as soon as possible is part of this commitment. Encouragingly, in what is a first since the edited Electoral Roll was introduced, the opt-out rate dropped from 46% in 2010, to 45% in 2011, which should see more records being available. However, we are conscious that there is still a large portion of the populous unaccounted for in the edited Roll, and as such will continue to source alternative data to bridge the gap.”

Including the Electoral Roll, Tracesmart holds data approaching a billion records in their aggregated datasets. The data they hold is regularly updated to ensure that their products supply the most productive and pertinent information available.

Tracesmart will soon complete uploading the new 2011 Electoral Roll and to ensure it remains up-to-date, they will be taking advantage of the Rolling Register, a monthly update which amends electoral data to reflect changes in people’s personal circumstances.

Highlighting the importance of these updates Weathersby added: “We will be ensuring our clients have access to the most recent electoral data, by updating our database on a monthly basis with the information we receive via the Rolling Register. These updates can amount to amendments of almost 250,000 a month, and will provide our customers with the consumer intelligence they need for their business.”