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UK FinTech firm Hello Soda expands to USA to revolutionise financial markets

By CreditMan Friday, September 25, 2015

Revolutionary UK FinTech company, Hello Soda has announced its expansion into the United States with the opening of a New York office and recruitment of two new heads of sales.

Hello Soda is expanding its UK business overseas after experiencing huge demand for technology platform PROFILE which helps reduce fraud and improve responsible lending and borrowing. The cloud-based, unstructured data engine gives organisations insight into a customer by analyzing their digital footprint. It takes customer information from social media platforms and blends it with other third-party data sources to create real reputation scores with a human element, helping lenders reduce fraud and make fairer decisions around affordability, pricing and terms. Hello Soda’s new credit scoring methods are helping to transform the credit industry.

The US office and hiring of experienced new recruits, Layton Brooks and Oliver Peckham, will enable Hello Soda to push further into the US market and develop an established brand presence in the North-American market.

Layton Brooks is focused on new business and expansion of Hello Soda products in North America. With vast operational FinTech experience and a client-network in North America and Australia, Brooks will establish a significant international footprint for the company and ensure Hello Soda technology is adopted internationally.

Oliver Peckham has responsibility for driving new business sales, primarily in the US market. Peckham has experience working for leading UK FinTech companies and at Hello Soda will be responsible for driving sales across the US market and the alternative lending landscape.

Hello Soda has been attracting interest from some of the world’s biggest alternative lenders, banks and insurance companies following its development of the PROFILE platform which helps reduce fraud and improve responsible lending and borrowing using Bayesian Belief Network principles to create 4D data. Plugging a gap in the industry, the technology helps companies understand a person as an individual and aims to take advantage of the fact that traditional credit rating models are based on historical financial performance, and do not take into account a person’s ‘true’ and real-time circumstance.

But it’s not just creditworthiness that Hello Soda’s platform is being used for, propensity to commit fraud, employee vetting, and insurance claimants’ trustworthiness are just some of the issues the technology is being put to use to resolve.

Commenting, CEO of Hello Soda, James Blake said: “Our decision to expand into the USA has come off the back of success we have already had in North America. With 40% of our clients already US based, this was the natural next step for us and we hope the start of further expansion internationally where there is a strong appetite for technology that can aid customer insight not only for better risk pricing and fraud prevention but also to increase customer acquisition, retention and cross sell up sell identification.”

About Hello Soda

Hello Soda was founded in 2013 by CallCredit trio, CEO James Blake, commercial director, Will Ellis and operations and client services director, Ben Allott. After leaving the UK's second largest credit reference company, the trio now make up a team of 17, which includes leading data scientists, engineers, psycholinguists, natural language processors and unstructured data analysts with an average 2.5 first class Master and PHD degrees between them. Having won many Awards including a Northern Tech Award, the rapidly expanding Manchester start-up has represented the Northern Powerhouse at the Palace and 10 Downing Street. Hello Soda operates in the finance, insurance, recruitment and gaming sectors, is well funded by European Investors and has ambitions to build to £100m analytics software over the next 5 years.