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Vince Cable to speak at TMA (UK) conference

By CreditMan Thursday, May 6, 2010

Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesman Vince Cable MP will be the keynote speaker at the TMA (UK) annual conference.

Conference Organiser Dominic Reimbold said: "We are delighted that Dr Cable has agreed to speak at our conference. With his deep business background from his days in Shell, he is the most highly qualified British politician to address our conference issues.

"It proves that he recognises the vital importance of our members'' work at the coalface of the economic recovery.

"In the final analysis, the British economy is neither more nor less than the sum total of the contributions of thousands of businesses all working away; and a substantial proportion of them owe the fact that they are still thriving to successful interventions by our members. If any of our members ever feel that their role in the recovery is not widely enough recognised, they can feel vindicated by the fact that Mr Cable understands the value of what they do."

Mr Cable will join a line-up of speakers including Gordon Brothers Europe partner Alix Brick, PKF partner Philip Long, and David Lovett of Alix Partners at the conference, which is entitled "Turnaround: Are We Still in Denial?" and will be held at the Royal College of Physicians in Regents Park, London, on 11th November.