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Welcome to Safe Collections as the latest addition to our DCA panel

By CreditMan Monday, June 18, 2012

Safe Collections have now joined the ever growing panel of DCAs at to bring you an even greater choice of debt collection agencies to recover your overdue invoices.

At Safe Collections they have been successfully recovering overdue invoices and contractual payments on behalf of their clients since 1984. In that time they have heard every excuse, seen every trick and witnessed every type of scam to avoid or delay payment.

If you are tired of hearing excuses and want to show you are serious about your credit control Safe Collections established and experienced team can help.

The simple truth is that most businesses will at some point be faced with slow paying customers and potential bad debtors. Often the only difference between those companies that recover unpaid invoices and those that don't, lies in how they manage the situation.

“ Safe Collections has been helping businesses large and small to effectively manage their cash flow since 1984. I incorporated the company with a very simple vision, to use my knowledge and experience to help companies just like yours with every aspect of Credit Management and Debt Recovery.” Sid Home (Managing Director)

Safe Collections customers know that when they have a client determined to avoid payment, they can call on their proven and effective collection techniques to recover the money. Quickly, competently and without alienating the customers on which their business depends. Many of their clients find that the appointment of an independent and respected third party debt collection agency is all that is needed to secure or hasten payment from their debtors. In fact their own research suggests that debtors are far more likely to respond to them, as our involvement shows your company will not tolerate late payment.

At Safe Collections, they take a professional approach to debt collection and overdue account recovery. Their ultimate aim is to recover your money without damaging the relationships on which the business depends. They won't endlessly send computer generated letters to your bad debtors demanding payment, they will actively try to work with them to identify the best option to secure your payment in a timely fashion. This is achieved through constant communication with your customer, via post, email, fax, phone and even SMS message. Our experienced credit control team constantly monitor and profile your debtors closely to identify the best resolution in the quickest time.

After all your money in their account won't help your company to grow!