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Debt Collection

Welcoming Pegasus as the 20th Member to our panel of DCAs

By CreditMan Friday, April 27, 2012 is pleased to announce that the 20th DCA to join our panel is Pegasus. For over 20 years Pegasus have been at the forefront of innovative cash flow generation programmes for all types of industries in the collection of both their overdue and current receivables. They have become a “trusted partner” for many long term clients where both performance, protection of reputation and integrity are essential.

Their management team of “professionals” have years of experience in identifying the best strategies to provide tailor made collection programmes with flexible uncomplicated pricing, customer maintenance and 24/7 reporting. All of which delivers the required solution your cash in your bank.

Only professional skills and concentrated effort will get results, as an agency established for over twenty years Pegasus have always retained the philosophy that UNCOLLECTABLE can become COLLECTABLE. Pegasus say that a two minute telephone conversation or a two line email will not collect, only continued action will.

Pegasus International is a specialist Collection Agency with an immense knowledge and experience in slow and delinquent debt, most of their new business comes from recommendations. All enquiries are attended to at Director level quickly and positively.

How and why can Pegasus assist - Their overdue collections department solely concentrates on delinquent debt, their in-house systems and trained staff are totally tuned to difficult accounts. Pegasus’ believe their long standing philosophy of specialised continued effort and building a personal professional relationship with the debtor has always been the focus for their success.