Creditor Support

If you are a credit manager or a creditor who may have received notification that a customer has gone insolvent, CreditMan will be able to help you through their link with the Creditor Services Team at CVR Global LLP.

The Creditor Services Team work with clients who may have received a proxy and are not sure on the next step to take or who would be best to contact. The Team will offer you a full and knowledgeable service and will deliver the following:

  • free services to clients
  • specialist team that deals with all forms of insolvency proceedings
  • expertise in representing creditors and clients’ interests particularly at creditor meetings
  • maximised return to creditors through investigation
  • input and reporting service to enable “closure” in a timely manner
  • experienced and accessible team
  • dedicated helpline

Our free service to clients allows the creditor to be relieved of the administrative burden of their insolvent debt.

CVR Global LLP’s team prides itself on the speed of communication provided to the creditor. This has proven to increase cash flow, particularly in the case of annulments of Bankruptcy Orders.


They offer the following services to clients:

  • asset assessment
  • pre-litigation reports
  • notification of order
  • processing claims
  • support at Creditor’s Meetings
  • swift case progression
  • legal action

They work with solicitors, accountants, quoted companies and privately owned businesses drawn from a wide range of commercial sectors.

Current clients also include professional partnerships, regulatory bodies, charities and other not-for-profit organisations, public sector bodies and private clients.

The Creditor Services Team offer these services through a number of software packages, these are:

Cred Assist

  • powerful software and data-mining system
  • efficiently assess all cases for likelihood of distribution
  • daily upload of data on liquidations and bankruptcies
  • timely reports on portfolios irrespective of case size
  • robust software and rapid responses
  • efficiency and transparency

Cred Assist enables them to gather and analyse a wealth of information on company liquidations and bankruptcies. As a result, their Creditor Services Team can efficiently assess any and all cases for their likelihood of distribution.

Data on liquidation and bankruptcy cases is uploaded daily, resulting in accurate and up-to-date information which provides timely reports on even a large portfolio of cases. In situations involving home owners, they are able to access relevant information in minutes.

The software means they can gather and log insolvency case data fast, enabling them to respond to your needs and those of your clients quickly, efficiently and transparently.


  • asset assessment
  • client helpline
  • effective in-house information systems
  • historical data analysis
  • pre-litigation reports
  • notification of winding up petitions in which you may be a creditor

Lighthouse offers assessment of known assets. This is a timely review of information that can be delivered on a large portfolio of cases; and in case of home owners can be returned in minutes.

CVR Global LLP has a dedicated helpline that provides the creditor with additional information and a second opinion prior to making the final call to a debtor and considering further action. In addition, the team can also speak with the debtor if they are experiencing financial difficulty.

Historical data can be analysed from business accounts to search for and query any suspicious transactions. Pre-litigation reports use the team’s experience to recommend proceeding with cases where a distribution to creditors is likely.

Clients provide a list of their customers and businesses they work with. They can then monitor these customers and businesses and can notify you of winding up petitions your clients maybe involved with.

Asset Detect

This is a bespoke reporting service post-insolvency. Asset Detect offers clients:

  • assistance with any insolvent debt suffered
  • liaison with the Official Receiver
  • recommendations on how to proceed with cases
  • efficient and informed service
  • notification of order
  • case progression

Asset Detect is CVR Global LLP’s bespoke reporting service, post-insolvency, for any insolvent debt suffered by you or your client’s in relation to a company liquidation or bankruptcy.

Most bankruptcies and liquidations are initially dealt with by the Official Receiver. They will liaise with the Official Receiver and establish the likelihood of any distribution being made. The team’s extensive experience in debt recovery and insolvency ensures all relevant questions are asked and all avenues of recovery are considered.

Once the case has been investigated and monitored and by using the team’s experience, they are able to assess whether a distribution to creditors is likely and so recommend proceeding with cases as appropriate. This can be done on any case pre or post order.

They have the ability to notify you of any orders placed against customers you may have an interest in and will keep you informed of any progression on each case.

Dividend Watch

  • comprehensive reporting service
  • effective monitoring of dividend prospects on cases where CVR Global LLP are not the appointment taker
  • report that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements

This service is for post appointment cases. As with all of the services they offer, a full comprehensive report will be provided for each case.

For cases where CVR Global LLP are not appointed, they can still monitor the dividend prospects and monitor the work carried out by the appointment taker to ensure due care and attention is given to your debt.

If you find yourself in a situation where a customer has gone insolvent or you have received a proxy please do not hesitate to contact the team.

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