Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance against Bad Debts – Domestic and International

Sooner or later your business will suffer a bad debt. A customer who cannot or will not pay can cause short and long term damage.

  • First, the short-term pain of coping with reduced cash-flow
  • Next, the aftershocks as you are forced to pay your suppliers late damaging your relationship with them and incurring late payment interest
  • Consider too your bank's reaction. Just when you need their support you begin to face tighter borrowing restrictions, spiraling into an even deeper cash flow crisis
  • You could be forced to borrow elsewhere on inflated terms
  • Cost cutting brings greater misery as you lay off loyal staff whose skills you really need to make a full recovery
  • Finally the worst case scenario, where the bad debt is large it could spell insolvency proceedings

A credit insurance policy provides a safety net that protects you against any or all of these scenarios.

Essentially this will cover a business' entire turnover - wherever it may be trading - and can include political risks. However it can also cover your business key accounts or exceptional losses.

Credit insurance can cover a range of key business credit management problems.

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CreditMan offers a host of free resources for exporting including Country Reports from the major International Credit Insurance providers.

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