Asset Finance

Asset Finance

A simple way to make a big purchase for your business without the strain. Say you’re expanding your haulage fleet or looking for the latest piece of machinery. Instead of having to face the upfront cost, we’d buy it for you through a hire purchase or leasing agreement. You’d then pay us back over a longer term. Although you won’t own the asset, it will be yours to use exclusively.

HIRE PURCHASE - Bigger deposit, lower monthly repayments. Option to purchase for a small fee (at the end of agreement).

LEASING - Smaller deposit, higher monthly repayments. Option to keep the asset at end of agreement through an annual rental.

REFINANCING - You can also use Asset Finance to unlock the cash tied-up in your current assets – even those on HP or lease agreements.

The benefits to your business… Invest in what your business needs now, rather than what you can afford now.

 No big up-front costs

 Seasonally slow periods?

 Your repayments can be lowered for these months

 Grow your business, whilst protecting your cashflow

 Fixed repayments make it easy to budget

 Refinancing unlocks the money tied-up in expensive equipment

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