Invoice Finance

An easy way to release the cash in unpaid invoices.

Waiting to be paid is hard on any business. With Invoice Finance, your sales ledger is used as an asset which you can borrow against. That means you get to free-up the cash that’s tied up unpaid invoices. So, instead of waiting weeks or even months to be paid, you can submit your invoices and get paid up to 95% of the invoice value the very next day. When your customers pay, you get the balance, minus the fee.

There are two types of facility available:

INVOICE FACTORING - Not only does this allow the money you’re owed without the wait, we’ll chase up your invoices for you too.

INVOICE DISCOUNTING- This offers the same ‘advance’ benefits of cash without the wait. The difference is you’d be responsible for chasing up your customer payments.

The benefits to your business…

 Unlocks the money you’re owed

 Gives you the freedom to grow your business

 Keeps your cashflow flowing

 Personal service from a dedicated relationship manager

 Funding plans tailored to your needs

 Unlimited rolling contract that grows with your business

 Allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business

 Options available for our help with your credit control

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